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2004 ½ Volkswagen Jetta GLI Turbo

None of this would have been possible without the generous support from a long list of amazing sponsors and donors who have stepped up to help build this unique Jetta which is now being used to educate young drivers in our communities.  Thank you all for your contributions and assistance.

Deputy Younker purchased this 2004.5 Volkswagen Jetta GLI in 2007, not knowing that 6 years later it would be used to help educate kids about the dangers of illegal street racing and distracted driving.

He started to slowly modify it to his liking, and in 2008 he was hired by the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department. In 2012 he became involved with Beat the Heat and decided to devote his car to the cause to help children in the Metro Atlanta area. It was hard at first trying to find like-minded companies who were willing to help him race for this awesome cause, but in the end he put together a stellar list of companies who helped him turn his car into the drag racing monster that it is now!!!

The Jetta originally had a 1.8T turbo engine, but was bored and stroked to a 2.0L stroker with forged internal components, from INA Engineering and DM Forged, capable of handling up to 1000 horsepower. Bill Brady, owner of Brady Engines, did all the machine work on the block and assembled it to race specifications. The turbo was swapped out for a Frankenturbo F23 that has been ported on the hot side to allow more air to flow through, to produce more power in the higher rpm range.

The only thing stock about this engine is the outside casting of the block. Everything has been built for more power now and in the future. The car is being ran with 93 octane fuel, but will run E85 flex fuel with direct port water methanol injection in the future.

The top end of the engine consists of a AEB large port head with aftermarket prototype cams, a large port SEM Race intake manifold, 70mm Audi S4 Throttle Body and custom inter piping from PAG Parts Turbo. ATP Turbo helped out with the Garrett 500hp intercooler that helps keep the air temperatures down. Relentless Tuning’s V3 tubular exhaust manifold helps keep the air flowing out of the turbo into the 3” USP race exhaust that dumps out 3 feet back from the turbo producing some very audible exhaust notes. It came stock with a 6 speed manual transmission.

SPEC Clutch helped with a Stage 2+ clutch and flywheel setup. The limited slip differential and cams were installed by Eurotech Performance Group in Marietta. This car is built to last and ready to race.

As you can see above, this Jetta was once a bright lagoon blue with Audi replica wheels. It has now been plastic dipped Matte Black. The whole front end was swapped out for a GTI nose with Force Fed Engineeing’s race front end. Stasis Engineering helped lighten things up a bit with 19” race wheels and a 356mm big brake kit. The wheels needed to be pushed out a little so 42 Draft Designs added some custom spacers to offset the wheels so that they would fit.

Sound-Off Signal helped with emergency strobes to keep the law enforcement theme going, and AKO Signs in Athens stepped up to help with all of the graphics.

Quite a bit has happened over the winter with Rich's drag Jetta. Frankenturbo has donated a new exhaust manifold ported to match their F23 turbo. Recently Stone Mountain Volkswagen donated a large port AEB head and cam chain tensioner. It was sent to PAG Parts Turbo, where it is being ported/polished and machined for over sized valves from Supertech and fitted with race Cams from CAT Cams.

To help stabilize the engine Vibra-Technic has donated a set of custom engine mounts. EAA Engineering is helping to keep the engine running without resistance with their power steering delete kit, race alternator setup and manual timing belt tensioner in conjunction with INA Engineering. INA has also donated billet coolant flanges to help keep the engine cool. To help stabilize the whole platform New German Performance provided a set of coil over suspension shocks. AWE Tuning helped with an electric boost gauge and pedal set. Once all of this is completed the drag Jetta will be going to C2 Motorsports for custom dyno tuning to make the most power that it can.

Late next year Stevebilt is making a custom 5 gallon fuel cell to complement INA's billet fuel pump, custom fuel lines and bigger injectors from Injector Dynamics setup to run E85 fuel.