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Motor Vehicle Accidents are currently the leading cause of death for Teens

Teens account for 7% of drivers on our roads, but 14% of all fatal crashes

Nearly half of all teen fatal crashes occur between 9 PM and 6 AM

Over 25% of all fatal teen crashes involve an alcohol Blood Alcohol Concentration of .10 or more

Nearly half of all fatal crashes with 16 year old drivers are SINGLE car accidents

66% of all teens killed in car crashes are male

In 2010, 7 teens died EVERY DAY as a result of motor vehicle accidents

A person Texting and Driving is 23 more times likely to be involved in a crash

The average text takes a driver’s eyes off the road for 5 seconds.  At 55 mph, the car will cover the distance of a football field in that time.

Let’s get real about Teen Driving Safety…

Street racing kills!

Take it to the track, not to the street.