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Alyson Morgan Snow

January 19,1989 - October 22, 2009

Below is a quote from Aly’s obituary:

“Alyson Morgan Snow Alyson tragically had her life taken away on Thursday, October 22, 2009 in a horrific car accident at the tender age of 20 as she was driving to get milk and cookies. Born on 01/19/89 in San Jose, CA. Aly-Cat grew up in Almaden Valley and graduated from Leland High School in 2007. She recently moved to Fremont, CA. Throughout the years Aly participated in many activities such as soccer, swimming, dancing, and was a cheerleader at both Castillero Middle School and Leland High School. Her most recent passion and sport was dirt bike riding. Our Aly was vivacious, fun-loving, and was everyone's breath of fresh air. Nobody loved and cherished life more than Aly. Her smile and big blue eyes would light up every room she entered.”

Thursday night, October 22, 2009 in San Jose, California, Alyson and her friend decided to make a late-night “snack run.”  They get in Alyson’s Volkswagen Jetta, and head out for the store.  At the same time, about 9:45 PM, two young drivers find themselves on Pearl Avenue, one driver in a 2004 Nissan 350z, the other in a 1997 BMW 325i.  These two drivers make the choice to see which of them has the faster car…and the race begins.  They race down Pearl Ave, and then turn east on Branham Ln., a 6-lane road with a tree-lined median.  Racing side by side, they continue eastbound down Branham Ln at speeds approaching 90 m.p.h. Just ahead of the racers, Alyson and her friend are on Branham Ln and headed east towards the store…unaware that just a few hundred yards behind them the two street-racers are rapidly approaching.  As the racers quickly close in on the Jetta, the driver of the Nissan makes a last second attempt to avoid the Jetta that was traveling at a much lower rate of speed than the Nissan.  The driver of the Nissan tries to steer around Alyson and her friend, but hits the Jetta in the rear.  

The impact shoves the Jetta violently towards the median, and the car slams into a tree.

The Nissan comes to rest a short distance further down the road, and witnesses to the crash rush to the aid of the two in the Jetta. At the same time, the driver of the BMW also lost control and spun backwards into a tree.  Alyson’s passenger received minor injuries, but would fully recover, physically.  Alyson was transported to the nearest emergency room but would not survive her injuries.

The driver of the Nissan, Emmanuel Pourmand, was convicted of Vehicular Manslaughter and sentenced to 9 years in prison.  Joseph Inocencio, in the BMW, was sentenced to 6 years and 8 months in prison.  Clearly a “slap-on-the-wrist” considering the price Aly paid for their choices.

The precious life of Alyson Morgan Snow was taken from her friends, family, and her mom, Charlene, and all because two people wanted to see who had the faster car.  Everyone needs to look into Aly’s eyes, and ask yourself how you would feel if this happened to your son, daughter, husband, wife, or any person who is special in your life.

Help us end the practice of Illegal Street Racing by speaking out against these deadly events.